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    Patrice Letailleur
    Patrice Letailleur

    What is the ErgoLED on the ScanStudio?


    Zeutschel developed a special LED Lighting systems for the ScanStudio named ErgoLED. This lighting system is free of UV and IR, is composed of a special technology which is gentle to the originals by avoiding lighting charge on the document as much as possible. With a CRI of 98, this lighting system is close to daylight, and additionally, its spectral distribution is de-signed to match the spectral sensitivity of the sensor. It offers an even better color reproduction (delta E) and less metameric effects than a studio flash system using xenon bulbs. It can be adjusted in inclination and height. It is covered and focused to the document area and intensity so that the user is not dazzled. Glossy documents can be captured without glare, curved books are illuminated in the book spine and even in that case glossy surfaces are reproduced without glare, and complicated structures of certain surfaces can be easily reproduced. Furthermore, it offers in the smaller size format (A2+) a shadow free capture deep in the book fold when books are scanned. Additionally, this technology brightens only for a short time the object by changing its intensity gently up and down during exposure. This saves energy, reliefs operator and document.
    The transmission light of the from back light table has another spectrum to increase color reproduction for transparencies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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