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DTDCH Shutter Integration computing-script

DTDCH Shutter Integration integrates the DT RCam into Capture One CH.

Before 2018 this page also contained a set of scripts for the batch manipulation of crops. Those scripts have now been separated and can be located here.

DTDCH Shutter Integration

The DT RCam uses an electronic shutter in the lens, which is controlled by either DTDCH Shutter Control (for the SES shutter) or eShutter Control 2.1 DTDCH (for the eShutter). This integrates that Shutter Control software into Capture One CH. It provides the following features:

Always Ready Capture: Capture can be triggered without Capture One CH in the foreground (for instance if taking notes in another program when you trigger capture). This capability is provided by a third party app called Apptivate, included in the install files.

Auto Open/Close for Live View: The lens will automatically open and close when the user opens or closes live view.

AutoDetect Shutter Software: When Capture One is opened this script looks for the shutter control software and, if detected, automatically integrates it into the workflow. If no such shutter control software is detected it assumes a camera other than the RCam is in use (e.g. a Phase One XF) and does not attempt to integrate a separate shutter.

Manual Override: The user can manually override the automatic detection describe above. For example when switching from an RCam to an XF without restarting Capture One. To do so, select [Scripts > Background Scripts > DTDCH ShutterIntegration].

Dark Frame Control: When working with the ES on a DT RCam capturing dark frames can be onerous. [Scripts > Background Scripts > DTDCH ShutterIntegration] can be used to disable the dark frame. If the back has not captured any images since being turned on then one final dark frame will be required. Thereafter, no further dark frames will be requested until the back is restarted.

Download Current Version

If you have any questions during install or use please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Download for C1 20

Legacy versions

For those running older versions of Capture One CH.
For C1 12 CH For C1 11 CH For C1 10.1 CH For C1 9.1 CH For C1 8 CH

Install Video Instructions

NOTE: Renaming the application “Capture One 11” to a different name (e.g. “Capture One CH”) may sometimes crash the script suite upon launching Capture One.

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