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Solutions for Research

For institutions at the bleeding-edge of cultural heritage research, custom, off-the-wall solutions are an everyday necessity, and constructing them requires a flexible partner well versed in the most advanced technologies available.

Research & Science

DT Cultural Heritage has a full R&D division dedicated to building advanced spectral solutions, automated capture sequences for time lapse and focus stacking, and all manner of custom grip equipment.

Whether your team works in conservation, restoration, material science, or another demanding field, DT is the ideal partner for complex digital imaging solutions.

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The DT VERSA is a multi-role copy stand that allows the digitization of many different types of material sizes. From books (using the glass top plate), film (partnered with DT FSK), loose manuscripts and flat art. The DT VERSA is a fast and versatile digitizing machine that is a great compliment to any institutions preservation needs.


Legacy copy stands were designed to meet the relatively loose precision required for film capture. The DT ELEMENT Reprographic System was built from the ground up for the era of digital capture.

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