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The New Quality Standard for Archival Reproduction

DT is pleased to announce the Phase One iXH 150MP, our next-generation camera purpose-built for cultural heritage digitization, and the new iXH 72mm Mark 2 lens.

Engineered to perfectly integrate with the DT Autocolumn  and digitization workstations such as the DT Atom, DT Element, DT Versa, or DT Titan, or on 3rd party stations (no autocolumn integration), copy stands, or a tripod, the new iXH make it easier than ever to get preservation-grade image quality while maintaining conservation-friendly handling of your materials, no matter what odds and ends your collection contains.

The All-new 72mm Mk II Lens

The world’s highest-quality and highest-resolution cultural heritage camera demands the highest-quality and highest-resolution cultural heritage lens: the Phase One 72mm Mk II. This lens far exceeds the strictest requirements of FADGI and ISO digitization standards, and represents a new benchmark in image quality.

Featuring a brand new optical design, the 72mm Mk II allows users to capture sharp corner-to-corner detail for subjects from 6″ to 60″ in size, without requiring lens changes or extension tubes. The user enters the desired subject size or desired PPI in Capture One CH and the camera position and lens focus are set automatically. Preservation-grade imaging of diverse collections has never been so easy.

Compatibility Note: This lens is backward compatible to the iXG 100mp and iXG 50mp and forward compatible to the iXH 150mp. Extension tubes are neither required nor supported for its entire subject size range.


Every DT system, including the iXH 150mp, is designed to facilitate fast throughput and productivity, limited only by the speed at which your materials can be safely handled. The iXH 150mp is an instant capture system (typical exposure is 1/30th of a second) and features modern 10G Ethernet and USB-C connectivity for nearly instant transfer of images to the computer.

By allowing a larger capture area at any given PPI, the iXH allows institutions to capture a wider range of material without adjusting settings. Of course, the widely used AutoCrop feature of Capture One CH works quickly and easily to automate the post processing of subjects of different sizes and shapes, without hand cropping and manual rotation. The iXH will allow your institution to digitize your collection faster, without compromising on material safety or image quality.


Image Quality

The iXH 150mp far exceeds FADGI 4-star quality specifications for all material types: manuscript materials, works on paper, natural history specimens, three-dimensional art, bound volumes, film, glass plates, and oversized materials like maps and paintings.

This one system can capture large work (e.g. ~4 ft x 3 ft @ 300ppi) down to small subjects such as stamps or film at more than 6500ppi. It features a full-frame 645 sensor with 150mp of resolution and 15 stops of dynamic range.

It also features a brand-new 72mm lens with a new optical design built specifically for cultural heritage imaging using this ultra-high resolution sensor. This new lens leverages an internally-controlled floating element to provide extraordinary image quality at a wide range of magnifications. In terms of edge-to-edge sharpness, color accuracy, tonality and noise, the iXH 150mp and iXH 72mm Mk II provide unmatched image quality.

Ease of Use

The iXH is built to be fast and easy to learn. It’s fully integrated with our AutoColumn technology and Capture One CH, including the ultra-minimalist Slipstream. The live view (from which you can capture) is fast and fluid. Resolution can be entered by PPI or subject size (camera position and focus are attended to automatically). There’s no need for custom color profiling, since Ultra-accurate color profiles are for both flash and DT Photon illumination. Best yet, there’s no need to ever touch the camera; power is provided by AC, and every setting can be controlled from Capture One CH (there isn’t even an LCD or menu on the camera itself). Whether the system is staffed by an experienced digitization professional or by a volunteer or student, the iXH 150mp makes FADGI 4-star quality easier to achieve than ever.


Quality of Life

We know our systems are not theoretical devices on a spec sheet; they are mainstay tools used for hours of daily production. The iXH 150mp can be triggered by a foot pedal, hand release, keyboard shortcut, or mouse. It can be controlled from any computer attached to your network. It’s cabling is connected by LEMO connectors that won’t fall out during use, and elegantly routed to the computer using our new cable routing system. And with the rotatable dovetail L-bracket (compatible with a wide variety of tripods and copy stands, including the DT AutoColumn Advanced Leveling Head), you can quickly and safely rotate the field of view relative to the user, without needing to remove or recalibrate the camera for rapid changes between bound and flat material digitization. Finally, the iXH fully integrates with the DT Photon SmartController to natively provide a pre-trigger so that these lights can be dimmed between captures without any extra cabling. In short, the iXH is the ideal camera for an operator.


Technical Specifications

System Specifications

Sensor size 53.4 x 40.0
Resolution 14204 x 10652
Pixel size (μm) 3.76
ISO Range 50-25,600
Data Interfaces USB3, Ethernet 10G Copper/ Fiber
File Formats Raw 14bit, Raw 16bit
Weight (gr) with 72mm MkII lens 3,450 inc. L-Bracket
Dimension (mm) with 72mm MkII lens 227 x 130 x 130 inc. L-Bracket
Cooling Integrated heat sink and cooling fins
Approvals FCC Class A, CE, RoHS
Operating Temperature (°C ) -10º to 40º
Operating Humidity (% ) 15 – 80 (non-condensing)


Lens Specifications

  Phase One RS 72mm MkII lens Schneider Kreuznach 120mm
Number of Elements 13 8
Number of groups 8 4
Focal Length (mm) 72 120
Image circle (mm) 67.36 110
Aperture Range f5.6 -f22 f5.6 -f22
Floating Element Yes- Firmware controlled No
Min. object distance 44cm 67cm
Magnification range 1:70 – 1:3 (optimal 1:11) 1:6.9 to 1:.1.2 with extension tubes
Weight (gr) 1,470 1,050
Dimension (mm) 150 x 90 x 115 150 x 90x 115
Filter Thread (mm) 77 46


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