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DT Digitization Certification 101: Introduction to Digitization

Digitization has undergone a rapid and profound transformation in the past two decades. Legacy systems built on scanning have been replaced with modern instant capture systems. Direct-to-TIFF workflows are being replaced by RAW workflow. Institutions are adopting FADGI and other guidelines that ensure digitization is done at a preservation-grade of quality, but require a more nuanced understanding of image quality than relying on manufacturer’s stated PPI. To fully reap the rewards of this transformation requires new hardware, software, and workflows, as well as a new approach to digitization’s position in an institutional context. In this class we’ll take the 10,000 foot view of these transformations to form a foundation of the modern approach to digitization.

DTDC 101: Intro to Modern Digitization is a self-paced video course recorded in English. Captioning is available in English and Spanish. We estimate the course to take participants approximately two hours if taken from start to finish.

NOTE: This course is a prerequisite to our DTDC 201 Online Course.

Price: $79

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To take this course, visit the product page to purchase it. After Purchasing, visit the main 101 course page here to begin.

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