Extreme Compatibility

Compatible with the DT Atom, DT Versa, and DT Element the DT Book Cradle provides conservation-friendly, preservation-grade, fast and effienct digitization of A3 bound material (up to 17” x 12”). Its unique design incorporates a tilt-inward mount for the camera to provide ergonomic digitization without increasing the footprint of the system.

Extreme Adjustability

The adjustable cradle itself accomodates three book-opening angles: ~100° (similar to a book held in a reading room, 180° (which allows capture of full page spreads), and 80° for material that is especially rare and fragile. It’s unique design always holds the book at an angle, so that the opposite page isn’t fighting gravity.

No More Glass Ceiling

The optional glass uses a lift-assist mechanism to improve the ergonomics of the user over long periods of use. The glass can be fully removed in less than a minute when even the minimal operator-controlled contact with the glass is not suitable for a given material.

No Detail Ignored

To ensure the safety of the binding, the mechanism of the book platform freely slides forward and backward to guarantee the gutter is always properly aligned to the captured frame. This also ensures the glass, if used, cannot produce undue pressure on the binding.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in the USA of aerospace-grade aluminum
  • FADGI 4-Star Image Quality
  • Durable design for years of continuous use
  • Integrates with DT Atom, DT Element, and DT Versa
  • Allows book opening of 80°, 100°, or 180°
  • Allows capture with or without glass
  • Glass lift-assist for long-term use ergnomics
  • Delivers preservation-grade TIFFs, JPEGs, and PDFs in RGB, grayscale, and CMYK modes. Open Source RAW and DNG also supported
  • Open platform design allows upgrading resolution, thereby preventing obsolescence.

Support from DT

With offices in New York and LA, and a team of 17 professionals located in five states we are devoted to providing top quality service to our customers. We have been a partner with Phase One since our opening day more than 13 years ago and have had a global partnership starting in 2013 to bring DTDCH Cultural Heritage digitization equipment to the world. Digital Transitions at large has also been the #1 source for Phase One digital backs, bodies and lenses in the US and was awarded Support Partner of the Year in 2015.

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