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The Most Versatile Digitization Platform in the World.


Small. Light. FADGI 4 Ready. The DT Atom is a table top digitization platform that is completely modular to adapt to any material type. DTDCH products are completely modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable table top.

We call the DT Atom the building block of digitization, simply swap out the standard reflective top for our transmissive top or Film Scanning Kit top allowing you to go from scanning loose material or books to film and more.

Built to handle any material.

Swappable Tops make the DT Atom able to transform itself to match any material type you may encounter.

DT Atom with DT V-Cradle for Bound Material

DT Atom with DT Film Scanning Kit

DT Atom digitizing loose material

DT Atom X-Slide. Compatible with DT BatchStitch

Book Scanning

Using the reflective standard table top with a book wedge
allows bound material up to 14″ x 21″
– The fastest document scanning at the highest resolutions
– Book Wedge or the DT V-Cradle available
– Up to 6000 PPI digitization


Film & More

The DT Atom excels at scanning all types of transmissive material, and is fully compatible with the DT Film Scanning Kit.
– Our lights are removable and fit perfectly in the undercarriage to transform the Atom into a light box with ease. 
– Scan up to 800 slides per hour (with only one operator)
– Used in tandem with Capture One CH software, this eases the conversion of black & white and color film

Loose Material and Objects

Digitize loose materials or objects with ease.
– The reflective top can digitize any material up to 26″ x 23″
– Sweep Top allows shooting of standing 3D objects up to 17″ x 24″ x 24″
– The motorized column allows for ultra-precise control and distance of the camera from the object


The DT V-Cradle

The DT V-Cradle – purpose-designed to make the digitization of bound material simple, fast, and safe.

  • Integrates with DT Atom, DT Element, and DT Versa
  • Allows book opening of 80°, 100°, or 180°, with our without glass
  • Open platform design preventing obsolescence
  • Designed for Operator Comfort

DT V-Cradle

All Available Tops

DT Atom Reflective Table Top

Reflective Top

Translucent Top

Film Scanning Top

Sweep Top

X Sliding Top (For Stitching)

Magnetic Top


Precise Camera Control

Our custom built column is ultra-rigid and ultra-precise providing a nearly vibration free shooting platform.
Control distance and focus control with micro-step capability.

Total Height: 65.5”

Conservation Friendly Lighting

The DT Photon – Our trademarked LED Lighting system with color reproduction built specifically for Cultural Heritage applications. Designed specifically for use with the DT Atom but still flexible enough to be used on its own. The DT Photon also doubles as a transmissive light box by fitting perfectly in the undercarriage. Our lights are conservation friendly with no chance of harm to the original material. Made in the USA.

DT Photon Specs

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) 98
  • Color Quality Score (CQS) 98
  • Spectral Flatness Excellent
  • Color Temperature 5500 Kelvin
  • Color Profile Included in Capture One CH
  • Power Source 110 V or 220 V
  • Warm Up Time < 2 minutes
  • Made in the USA

DT Atom Specs

The DT Atom is the lightest fully featured copy stand in the industry. We designed the Atom to make it easy to move and break down while still maintaining our important values of rigidity and quality.

Download the DT Atom Brochure

Swappable Table Tops

Reflective Top

Transmissive Top

Sweep Top

X Top

V Top

Film Scanning Kit (FSK) Top

Operational Mode

Required Top

Max Subject Size

Flat Material

Reflective Top

25.5” x 23”

Larger Flat Material

X Top

38” x 25.5”

Oversized Flat Material

[Remove Camera]

No Limit

Bound Material Open to 180°, under glass (2-up)

Linhof Cradle

14” x 11” page

Bound Material Open to 100°, under glass

V Top or Linhof Cradle

14” x 21” page

Bound Material Open to 100°, no glass

V Top

14” x 21” page

Bound Material Open to 80°, no glass

V Top

14” x 21” page

Oversized Bound Material Open to 100°, no glass

Reflective Top w/ 4″ Wedge

25.5” x 19” page

Standard 3D Objects (optional underlighting)

Sweep Top

17” x 24” x 24”

Oversized 3D Objects

[Remove Camera]

No Limit

Transmissive (e.g. watermarks)

Transmissive Top

18” x 15”

Photographic Glass Plates and Lantern Slides


8” x 10”

Photographic Film (sheets)


8” x 10”

Photographic Film (roll)

FSK Top & Reel System

10” wide, any length

DT Photon LED Specs

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Color Quality Score (CQS)


Spectral Flatness


Color Temperature

5500 Kelvin

Color Profile

Included in Capture One CH

Power Source

110 V or 220 V

Warm Up Time

< 2 minutes


Download the PDF


Frame footprint

24.625” wide x 31” deep

With table top

25.625” wide x 31.25” deep

Height with Column


Light Arm Span



Frame w/ light Arms

67 1/2 lb

Light Boxes w/ steel pins

approx. 10 lbs each

Column (stock size, shorter size will less)

45 1/2 lbs

Total weight

133 lbs


Size & Weight

Optimized for Capture One CH

Combine the DT Atom with Capture One CH software to achieve the ultimate digitizing workflow. Capture One CH includes several tools to make post production easier for book, film and fine art reproduction.

Learn More about Capture One CH.

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