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DT Atom

Entry Level Digitizer

Small. Light. FADGI 4 Ready. The DT Atom is a table top digitization platform that is completely modular to adapt to any material type. DTDCH products are completely modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable table top. We call the DT Atom the building block of digitization, simply swap out the standard reflective top for our transmissive top or Film Scanning Kit top allowing you to go from scanning loose material or books to film and more.

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DT Versa

More Than a Copy Stand

Developed to achieve preservation grade reproductions at the fastest rate of capture—while providing reliability, ease of use, and safety of the original materials—the DT VERSA is the optimum digitization solution for the rapid capture of rare, bound and loose document collections.

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DT Element

Scan Anything

The DT Element is a complete digitization platform. The stand, camera, and column tightly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization.

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DT Titan


Digitizing large material presents a unique challenge to most typical copy stands.
This is the Cultural Heritage industry’s first 40” x 60” copy stand created specifically for the unique challenges of digitizing large material. Featuring the same level of precision, robustness, and workflow integration as the rest of DT’s product line, it’s also compatible with your current workflows, training, and camera systems, making it easy to swap between your existing DT systems without any additional effort or expense.

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Download our complete Solutions Guide

The market for Cultural Heritage is diverse, with many different needs and challenges. For this reason DTDCH delivers modular and configurable solutions, which can be tailored to all specific needs.

Download this guide in PDF format for either digital or print use.

Download our Solutions Guide