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A Global Gathering for Cultural Heritage Professionals

Our Cultural Heritage Round Tables began as small, one-off gatherings between Digital Transitions and our clients, as a formal way for us to gather the community’s collective feedback on their experience with our equipment and how we could work to improve it.

Since its inception, the event has grown from a single day at our office to two annual conferences in key regions across the United States (now being held virtually). Attendees come from a variety of countries, disciplines, and institutions to demo new digitization technology, learn best practices, discuss workflow tips, and network with other cultural heritage professionals. We invite you to join us for a two-day-long event celebrating the latest advancements in digital imaging technology.

The online event will be held online on May 6th and 7th. There will be morning and afternoon sessions, each followed by break-out sessions based on a topic. Like our in-person events, there will be several full-length presentations and plenty of opportunities to network with your peers.

Why Attend?

Learn from industry-leading institutions and network with Cultural Heritage professionals.





When and where is it?

Our Round Table event has gone virtual! You will be able to access the event from anywhere with an internet connection. We host our events on Demio where you will be able to interact with fellow attendees and our guest speakers!

The event is scheduled for May 6th to 7th, and is an all day occasion! We are currently working to accommodate those in multiple timezones, more details to be announced.




Discover this year’s incredible featured presenters. Hover over their headshots to read more about them or to connect! 

About the speaker

Chris Juhasz is a Certified Archivist and History Factory’s Senior Director of Archives and has 20 years of experience providing archival and digital archives services to academic, corporate, public and nonprofit institutions. He works with clients to build and manage archival programs that combine state-of-the-art content management technologies with library science best practices.
He and his team strive to make the archival function more proactive and service-oriented to enable clients to more easily use their institutional heritage and archival content to support existing and future goals.

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About the speaker

Tim Schantz has been History Factory’s Managing Director of Archives & Content Solutions for 6.5 years. Tim relies on the guiding principle that protecting and preserving the raw digital and physical material of our clients’ heritage is both a great responsibility and an opportunity to provide innovative solutions for using their heritage to inform and support their future.
His goal has always been to ensure that History Factory’s archival advice and work secure the sanctity of content for future generations and business goals by making certain that it is relevant and accessible today.
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About the speaker

In 2016, Jarob was selected out of a field of over 4,000 applicants to serve as HDP’s large format film photographer.
Since then, he has produced more than 3,000 large format views – all archived at the Library of Congress and serving as public record.
He specializes in architectural and industrial photography and loves the technical challenges associated with recording historic structures. Jarob was born in Milwaukee, WI and attended the Milwaukee Area Technical College – earning an Associate in Applied Science in Photography. He now works out of Washington D.C.
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About the speaker

Christopher Ciccone is a Collections Photographer and Digital Asset Manager at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC, where he has over 12 years of museum digital imaging experience.
As part of the Visual Resources department, he is responsible for imaging objects in the NCMA’s permanent collection both for publication and for the NCMA’s Conservation department.
He is the chair of the Digital Imaging Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Museum Computer Network, and is a member of the American Institute for Conservation’s Digital Imaging Working Group.
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About the speaker

David R. Wyble is president and founder of Avian Rochester, LLC. Since 2011, Avian Rochester has been delivering color standards; traditional and custom measurements; and consulting services to the color industry. For the last 6 years, Avian has worked under contract with the Library of Congress developing physical imaging targets and color imaging workflow technologies. Dave is also now president of Gray Sky Imaging, a partnership with Roy Berns founded to address the critical need for accurate color capture and reproduction in the fields of archiving, museum, and gallery imaging. For over 20 years he has taught color and imaging undergraduate and graduate university classes and various professional short courses. He received an MS in Color Science from RIT, and a Ph.D. in Color Science from Ciba University, Japan.
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About the speaker

Don Williams is the Founder of Image Science Associates (ISA), a small group of elite specialists dedicated to science-based digital image capture protocols as reflected in the Golden Thread software and imaging targets they developed and evolve.
Since 2007 then he has worked with the world’s largest library to help create and modify the FADGI still imaging guidelines and the supporting reference targets and software to support that effort.
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About the speaker

Jessica Bird is the Acting Collections Information Manager for the Department of Entomology at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.
She oversees the digital curation of the entomology collection which includes over 35 million specimens and genetic material. Through the creation and implementation of workflows, she works to increase the collection’s digital presence.
Connect with the Smithsonian Institution


About the speaker

Hannah is a Project Manager with DT Heritage, specializing in cultural heritage digitization.
After obtaining her B.A. in Classics and History from Grinnell College, Hannah attended Georgetown University, where she received her master’s degree in Art and Museum Studies.
Her role at DT Heritage has enabled her to partner with institutions, embracing the opportunities that collection digitization brings to institutions and the communities they serve.
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About the speaker

Arnab is the Head of Product Management at Digital Transitions. He has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University. With a passion for digital imaging, he works to research and develops existing solutions to better serve Cultural Heritage digitization.
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About the speaker

Jennifer brings to the table 21 years of experience imaging Cultural Heritage materials. As a Digital Imaging Specialist with the USC Digital Library she currently works on the DIMOC project digitizing aerial film & Arlington National Cemetery Ledgers.
Other projects include digitizing USC’s ONE Archive LGBTQ poster collection, and Independent & Webster Commission Records relating to the LA Riots of 1992. Jennifer cut her Cultural Heritage teeth as the Special Projects Photographer at The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens.
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About the speaker

Tye Pemberton is the Digital Imaging Manager for the USC Digital Library. He holds an MFA from Columbia and an MLIS from Syracuse University, and was a cofounder of the Werewolfhhaus film production company.
Over the past 20 years he has worked on digitizing and cataloging items from the California Historical Society, Columbia’s University Seminars and Frank L. Tannenbaum collections, the Los Angeles Examiner, ONE Magazine / Mattachine Society, and the Department of Defense.
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About the speaker

Dr. Adam Jansen is the State Archivist of Hawaii. He has a Master of Science from Eastern Washington University in Business Administration and Computer Science, graduate certificates in Intellectual Property Management and Information Assurance/Cybersecurity from the University of Washington, and a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia School of Library, Archival and Information Studies.
Prior to leading the Hawaii State Archives, he served as Deputy State Archivist at the Washington State Archives, where he designed and managed the first fully functional state digital preservation system. He has, at one time or another, held the following certifications: CRM, MCP, MIT, and CDIA.
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About the speaker

Franz Herbert is the founder of Chameleo. Franz holds a Diplom Ingenieur degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna and a Master’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
In 2004, Franz started a software consulting business – Chameleo with basICColor input 5 being the first application for profiling digital cameras from Raw data developed in collaboration with basICColor.
As of 2019, Franz was developing basICColor input 6 and basICColor display 6 pro by himself. input 6 pro is now used by many museums around the world.
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About the speaker

Peter Siegel is the Director and Founder of DT Heritage. Dedicated to the cultural heritage community, he has developed a series of digitization solutions and accessories that are purpose-built to meet the specialized needs of cultural institutions. This was a natural fit, as he has served the not-for-profit community for over 25 years.
Before coming to DT, Peter was the Head of Digital Imaging and Photography for Harvard Art Museums and Fine Arts Library. Peter was also the Director of Digital Imaging at the American Museum of Natural History. Peter’s history working in the cultural heritage community is why DT Heritage has become the world’s leading provider of high-end digitization solutions.
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Join us for Happy Hour!

Spirits specialist and bar consultant Andrew Larsen will be guiding an educational presentation featuring spirits, cocktails, and wine pairings.

Happy Hour packages are now sold out. Attendees were required to register by 04/23/2021 to reserve a package. Please email us for instructions to build your own tasting kit to follow along.  Learn more about Andrew Larson here.

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Cultural Heritage digitization often requires special attention to detail and customization to meet the needs of institutions and organizations. Our exclusive DT Coding Series gives you the opportunity to learn how to customize your process and improve workflows. Programming can vastly improve the efficiency of the digitization and preservation experience. We have provided our knowledge here from our DT Coding Series to support the greater Cultural Heritage community. Click here to get started.

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DT Digitization Certification Program

One of our core missions at DT Heritage is to be a knowledge resource for the Cultural Heritage digitization community; helping to foster the spread of information and best practices in an industry that too often relies on individuals figuring out techniques and workflows on their own. As part of that ongoing initiative, earlier this year we launched our DT Digitization Certification Training Program to help educate the Cultural Heritage community on the equipmentsoftwareworkflows, and best practices associated with modern digitization. Click here to learn more.

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