Zeutschel ScanStudio Teaser

A Unique Solution


With the ScanStudio A1, Zeutschel offers a new and unique scanning solution that meets the highest quality standards


  • Metamorfoze (full version)
  • FADGI 4star up to format A2
  • FADGI 3star up to format A1
  • ISO 19264-1
Zeutschel ScanStudio

The ScanStudio A1 comes with:


  • Scanner stand unit for easy interchanging of all document tables
  • Including lighting system ErgoLED
  • Including A1 book cradle OT 180 H 35 with black book plates and self-opening glass-plate – max. book thickness 35 cm
  • High quality lens for documents size A2 to A1 for digital back 50 MP
  • OS-Basic-Software
  • Digital camera back 50 MP or 100 MP


Product Advantages

  • Modular, universal system for all digitization tasks
  • Interchangeable digital backs and lenses
  • Copyboard systems for a wide range of documents
  • Highest productivity – shortest scanning cycles
  • Reliable results through predefined workflows
  • Automatic functions – autofocus, automatic exposure control, color profiles and automatic scanning
  • Zeutschel ErgoLED LED lighting system for shadow – and reflection –free results Perfect Book 3.0 for image optimization


Modular, Upgradeable

The Zeutschel ScanStudio is eminently upgradeable. The version with a 50mp Phase One digital back can be upgraded to 100mp, and both current models will be upgradeable to future Phase One models. The carriage is also upgradeable for different size platens or for book scanning.


Same Simple Zeutschel Usability

If you’ve used a Zeutschel you know how simple the user interface is. The Omniscan software provides the user a purpose-built ecosystem for digitization.


Durable Instant Capture

Legacy Zeutschel systems used an old fashion planetary scan head and a mechanically sweeping light source. Both required movement on every capture, causing wear and tear over time. The ScanStudio uses the modern instant capture method that DTDCH has advocated for a decade. This means only an industrial-strength rotary shutter moves during an exposure, a component which has an expected life of over 4 million captures.

Support from DT


The Zeutschel ScanStudio is sold and supported exclusively by the Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage. That means you’ll get the same quality of support as we provide on all our products. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, and a team of 17 professionals located in five states, we are devoted to providing top quality service to our customers.

We have been a partner with Phase One domestically since our opening day more than 14 years ago. We partnered with Phase One globally in 2013 to bring DT’s top-level Division of Cultural Heritage digitization equipment to the rest of the world.


Ready to take the next step?


DT’s Division of Cultural Heritage is the sole exclusive dealer in North America for the Zeutschel ScanStudio. Please contact us for pricing, in person / virtual demonstrations, or just to learn more about this fantastic new product.


ScanStudio Technical Specifications


Sensors Up to 100 MP
Technology CMOS
Sensor format Medium format 4,5 x 6 cm
Image Bit Depth 16 bit
Dynamic range 14 stops
Dynamic range density 4.2
Max Resolution Up to 9,000 PPI


Camera type Zeutschel ScanSudio Camera
Shutter Rotary shutter MTBF > 3 Mio
Shutter 1/50 sec-Ꝏ
Lens range 60 – 240 mm
Lens detection Optical, Automatic

Reprographic Stand

Dimensions Height 2400 mm x depth 800 mm x width 1200 mm
Working height 700-900mm* pre-adjustable
Autofocus / AutoPPI Yes
Environmental Light Control Glare and stray light control

Cradles Systems

Advanced Plus Cradle Up to A1+ Size, 15 cm under glass, automatic, pressure controlled
Vacuum table Adjustable format zones up to A1+
Transmissive Light source Max. format up to A1, stand alone or with Advanced Plus cradle. Adjustable illumination strength, adjustable light spectrum
Film Carrier for film formats 35 mm up to 8x10“
Glass Negative carrier With 4-way masking
A1 Extension Kit for OT 180 H35; OT180 H50, OT 90 book cradle


LED Full spectral LED
illuminance Adjustable 500 – 4500 Lux
Ergo Flash Ergonomic design, non-dazzling, automatic soft dimming


Scanning Time 50 ms typical
Cycle time 3.4 – 6 seconds depending on computer configuration


ISO 19264  A
FADGI 4 Star
Metamorfoze Full Metamorfoze


Power 110-240 V, 50/60 HZ, 480 VA
Electrical Safety 60950-3; IEC 62368-1:2014
EMC EN55022; EN55024; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3;
US,CAN: FCC, Part 15 class B, ICES-003 Class B
Lamp Safety System Meets EN 62471 Standards


Operating system Windows 10 / 64 bit
Software Omniscan 12.10 / Omniscan 14
Color management Built-in ICC Profiles
Book curve correction Perfect Book 3.0


Depth 31.5″
Width 47.25″ 
Height 7.9′ 
Working Height 27.5″ – 35.4″ 

Operating Conditions

Recommended Temperature 65° – 95°
Recommended Humidity 80%

Operating System

Operating System Windows 10 64-Bit
Main Application Omniscan Version 14 64-Bit
Output To Hard Drive, Network, Email, FTP or Printer
Output Formats IIQ, TIFF, TIFF-G4, TIFF Multipage, JPEG, JP2, BMP, PNG,
GIF, PCX, PDF, PDF Multipage, iHQC