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DT Coding Series

Cultural Heritage digitization often requires special attention to detail and customization to meet the needs of institutions and organizations. Our exclusive DT Coding Series gives you the opportunity to learn how to customize your process and improve workflows. Programming can vastly improve the efficiency of the digitization and preservation experience. We have provided our knowledge here from our DT Coding Series to support the greater Cultural Heritage community.



Advance Your Post-Processing Capabilities


Coding may seem like a daunting task initially, but we make it easy with step-by-step instructions to leverage your digitization workflow fully. Our DT Coding Series knowledge base gives you the specific information you need to begin implementing custom programming for your post-processing tasks.

Coding Series Events
We have hosted a multi-part series to better prepare you for implementing some of these custom programming functions. Our 5-part series will leave you with the necessary tips and tricks to get started. Parts 1 through 4 are available for you to stream and begin to learn invaluable skills. Start watching our previous sessions below. Part 5 – Capture One SDK will be available in early 2021.

Coding Series Capstone
This advanced course will combine all of the knowledge that is gained in our previously held sessions. The course itself takes an in-depth look at Python, AppleScript, and the Capture One SDK. It will leave you with understandings of real-world coding use cases all built from scratch and more. If you have limited experience with coding, please watch our previous Coding Series sessions below. To learn more about the upcoming capstone course beginning in early 2021, click the link here.

Looking for more? Take our Capture One Masters classes to streamline your workflow here.


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Part 4 Resources

Ready to start Coding?  Get started with our exclusive DT Building Blocks here.

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