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Imaging for the Future

Digitization Program Planning

A Comprehensive & Practical Overview of Cultural Heritage Digitization

For Whom is this Document Written?

This plan is intended for those who are involved with or interact with digitization programs in Cultural Heritage institutions. Specifically the focus of this document is on still imaging of real world objects. It does not cover the related fields of born­-digital images, nor does it cover audio or video digitization.

We have made every effort to make sure it is useful and informative regardless of the equipment utilized. However, it is especially helpful for those who are using or are considering DTDCH digitization solutions. Specifically we believe that this document will be useful to Program Directors, and other administrators in charge of digitization based on still-­imaging. That said, it is our experience that curators, archivists, program directors, and conservationists can benefit enormously from a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of imaging. However, it is our hope that a broader audience will consider investing the time to digest and provide feedback on this treatise.


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