We are pleased to announce that the Zeutschel ScanStudio A1 and A2 will be sold exclusively by Digital Transitions in North America.

Zeutschel, Phase One, and Digital Transitions have joined their unique products and services to bring the most efficient ScanStudio to the North American Market. The ScanStudio is an innovative reproduction system designed to digitize a wide array of collection types by utilizing the foremost technologies available on the market. Zeutschel’s ScanStudios have the capability to image books, manuscripts, film and small three-dimensional objects. With these capabilities, Zeutschel is looking to move their equipment beyond Libraries and Archives and into Museums as well. Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage has successfully marketed these areas in North America for over a decade. We are excited to combine Digital Transitions solutions and sales capabilities with Zeutschel’s brand name; this collaboration is bound to be successful.

Jörg Vogler, President of Zeutschel GmbH: “Digital Transitions has been a great supporter of the cultural heritage community for many years, with an outstanding photographic experience and customer service. Zeutschel is therefore happy and proud to partner-up with Digital Transitions. Together, we will work hard to make the ScanStudio a success in the North American marketplace.”

“When we were given the opportunity to distribute the world’s best-known brand in the Library and Archives community powered by the world’s best-known imaging technology–Phase One, we couldn’t wait to start. The union of our solutions based marketing approach and their fifty years of industry leading experience is truly exciting.” Peter Siegel, Owner and Founder of The Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage.

About the ScanStudio:
Zeutschel is introducing a new solution for universal use in digitization projects. Available in sizes A1 and A2 ,the ScanStudio is an overhead scanning system and photo studio that is powered by Phase One technologies in one system. It can process a variety of originals — from stamps and 35mm film, books and manuscripts all the way to maps, historical magazine volumes and aerial photographs. The image results meet the highest quality standards defined by Metamorfoze, FADGI and ISO 19264.

At the same time, the ScanStudio offers numerous, easily interchangeable scanner tables with the Zeutschel “roll-in/roll-out” changeover system. The automatic A1 book cradle for originals supports a book thickness of up to 50 cm, and together with the OmniScan digitization software it combines the highest productivity with extremely simple operation.

About Digital Transitions:
Digital Transitions (DT) is a full-service digital image solutions company. DT Cultural Heritage provides solutions to support the programmatic digitization efforts of libraries, museums, archives, collectors, service bureaus and other educational and cultural institutions. Our expertise comes from decades of executing preservation and commercial imaging programs, giving us firsthand knowledge of the stringent requirements and concerns that cultural institutes face when digitizing large and varied collections. Our guiding principles are conservation-friendly handling, preservation-grade image quality, fast and efficient workflow, and fostering long-term partnerships with our clients. Our solutions are made in the USA and are ideal for long-term programmatic digitization where their high-throughput and industrial durability produce a low per unit digitization cost.
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About Zeutschel:
With its scanning, software and microfilm solutions, Zeutschel Gm has played a key role for more than 55 years in the digitization and digital preservation of valuable documents, both in librarianship and archive management, as well as in industrial companies and public administration. The company is the world market leader in book scanners and a trendsetter in the field of microfilm cameras and microfilm scanners. The range of software products and accompanying services is extensive and supports libraries and archives in building up digital collections on the internet and in the realization of digital services. Zeutschel was founded in 1961, employs 68 staff, and its products and services are represented in more than 100 countries. All Zeutschel products are “Made in Germany”, the complete manufacture and entire research and development activities take place at the company’s German headquarters in TübingenHirschau.
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